Black wood and Tasmanian oak panels round 33x4cm


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The practical things in your kitchen are rarely works of art, but this beautiful chopping board will soon have pride of place on your bench - and become an indispensable part of your meal preparations too!

Craftsmen construct each unique board from hand selected timbers, ensuring this small but sustainable supply of native timber is available for generations to come. Durable and heavy enough to stay put no matter how tough the chopping job, it will last through a lifetime of chopping and slicing.

With its lovely variations in timber colour and grain, this chopping board will bring some rustic beauty to your kitchen every day.

  • Handmade in Australia from Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood.
  • Tasmanian Oak ranges in tone from pale straw through to a richer mid brown.
  • Tasmanian Blackwood is a hardwood that is easily worked, long lasting and radiates a subtle beauty that makes it irresistible to Tasmanian designers. It ranges from light golden brown to deep brown; sometimes reddish streaks are also present. The grain of the wood adds additional character, which can be straight or wavy with a natural lustre.
  • From the Pieman collection.
  • Round design.
  • Timber chopping boards have natural antibacterial properties.
  • Please Note: Skilled artisans use these woods to handcraft superb chopping boards that harness the natural beauty of the woods – no two boards are the same.

Care & Cleaning:
  • Condition before use with timber board nurturing cream (sold separately).
  • Maintain after use by wiping down with a warm soapy damp cloth and leaving to dry naturally.
  • Never immerse in water – if this happens dry immediately.
  • To preserve the natural lustre and timeless quality of the timbers, use timber board nurturing cream every one to two weeks (sold separately).
  • Apply sparingly with a paper towel, massage into the surface until absorbed and leave to dry.

Dimensions: Approx. 33cm (l) x 4cm (h) x 33cm (w).

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